Public Transportation

  • Launching Ways Taxi iOS/Android Platform

  • Launching Ways Taxi iOS/Android Platform

  • Launching Ways Taxi iOS/Android Platform

Public Transportation Software .

Public transportation software manages timetables and ticketing, route planning, passenger safety and security, as well as maintenance for buses, trains, and other means of transportation. These tools help public transport companies track and improve the costs of their operations and maintenance, as well as the passenger satisfaction and comfort.

Fare Collection Systems

RFID software and self-service kiosk platform designs integrate with Point-of-Sale systems for automatic fare collection. Multi-channel sales modules, optimal public transit fare calculators, target market research tools, and custom pricing strategy software increase ancillary revenue and reward public transportation rider loyalty.

Transportation Mapping Software

Provide geolocation tracking for vehicles which can be used for maintenance or route optimization.Track mileage and gas emissions for different means of transportation .

Paratransit Dispatch & Scheduling Software

Our paratransit scheduling and dispatching software has a friendly user interface, and yet it fully supports the complicated workflow and scheduling issues unique to paratransit.It can also Improving on-time performance,educing No Shows and Reducing Slack Time,Complete Operational Insight and Optimizing schedules and routes.

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