Internet of Things

  • Business software tailored to your needs

  • Launching Ways Taxi iOS/Android Platform

  • Business software tailored to your needs

Industrial IoT

We enhance traditional manufacturing with the IoT solutions that ensure more efficient process and staff management, help to improve quality control and increase safety, reduce costs, reveal inefficiencies, problems and threats and show the ways to fix them as early as possible.

Process Automation

Industrial IoT devices improve traditional PLC and DCS driven control systems. Advanced real-time data analytics = Improved efficiency & automation of manufacturing production process

Connected products, smart maintenance

With IoT, we expand things’ traditional roles and functionality, increase mobility and safety in numerous spheres of life and help businesses deliver better services: such as enhancing maintenance activities,device function optimization,revenue models etc.

Optimization of device functioning and use

Checking device productivity, adding new features to things and integrating these features with everyday operations, analyzing which features are actively used and need further development and investments and which components are not popular among customers and can be removed.

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