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Food Production Management Software

Custom development of food manufacturing software with modules for collaborative recipe and packaging development, workflow optimization, content management, and quality assurance. We program F&B manufacturing systems for on-premises, cloud (SaaS), mobile, and hybrid platforms. Our food production management systems are programmed with multi-tiered approval protocols, batching capabilities, deviation tracking systems, and world-class cost analysis software

Quality Control

Our custom quality management systems for F&B manufacturers include features for ingredient traceability, multi-location environmental controls, regulatory compliance, COA report generation, random sample-taking, employee OSHA training, compliance tracking, and recall management. We also program automated and manual freshness testing for tracking products' potency and shelf life

Food Track-and-Trace Software

By utilizing best-in-class GPS tools, EDI communication protocols, embedded sensor software, and vendor system interfaces, we enable track-and-tracing for all products (and ingredients). Our AIDC tracking systems (for barcode, QR, RFID, NFC) locate products in real time and auto-populate databases with package, crate, lot, delivery truck, and destination IDs, as well as weights and environmental conditions gathered from IoT devices. We also program cross-platform mobile traceability apps with ID scanning capabilities.

Food Distribution and Dispatching Software

We integrate order management, distribution, and dispatch software for automating or manually scheduling deliveries, with options for planning staggered, multi-site, and continuous deliveries. Our distribution systems include features for orders management, automated picking, catch weight management, assembly management, workflow management, and customer management solutions

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