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  • Business software tailored to your needs

Construction ERP Software Solutions

TechMind is construction ERP software, which is short for construction enterprise resource planning software. It combines advanced enterprise technologies with decades of construction industry experience into one, integrated system.

Construction Data Analytics

The construction analytics solutions analyzes real–time data against performance thresholds–assessing trends over time and transforming information into insight, enhancing decision-making and improving overall project delivery..

Construction Procurement Software

We develop construction purchase order and procurement software for the seamless acquisition of assets on a project-specific or enterprise-wide basis. We offer painless integration solutions for automating inventory and accounting processes upon purchase or delivery.

Construction Contract Administration Software

Our custom contract management and generation systems work as standalone programs or as modules within ERP, CRM, and document management apps. Features include subcontractor document management, debtor reporting, and automated scraping of physical contract photo-captures.

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